Our first interview with a client is called the “discovery interview.” This is where we spend about 90 minutes taking a financial history, looking not just at what investments and insurance you have but also why you picked them. We try to see what is really important to you and how your current holdings might or might not be helping you toward that goal. When would you really like to retire? What life style do you desire? What will it take to provide for your children's college education?

Recognizing real emotional needs can help you live the life you desire, but only if it is accompanied by sound financial planning based on the whole person.

Once we have this picture of where you are now and where you wish to head, we can draw a map of your financial situation. We think in short-term, intermediate-term and long-term timelines. We assess your possible need for short-term cash and your willingness to accept risk in hope of potential future gains. When we have completed it, usually in about two weeks, we ask you to return to discuss it. We want you to feel free to react but do not want you to make any commitments. Your decisions need to be made in the least pressured atmosphere possible.

At the third meeting, we are ready to discuss your reactions to the financial road map, make any changes you need and move toward the implementation process: selecting and purchasing the products needed to complete your portfolio we can also discuss your potential need for a  professional strategic partner.

As independent financial advisors, we of course have no stake in steering you toward or away from - any particular product or product line. We earn our living serving you and no one else.

We see our success as recognizing that the financial and the personal are very much interwoven.

“People can only stick with a plan if they face the emotions behind it. I don't try to change people's behavior; I try to understand the emotional basis for it. I work to customize a plan just for you by combining knowledge of the industry with traditional values and uncompromising loyalty to my clients. I let them be who they are. I ask the questions that some other financial planners don’t.”